Fiji: Tavenui Island & Vitu Levi

Fiji: Tavenui Island & Vitu Levi

In Fiji, from 1997 to 2002 Dave Bamford was involved in several projects which successfully developed sustainable tourism ventures and prevented precious native forests from logging in two Conservation Areas. 

On Tavenui Island, in Bouma National Heritage Park, he successfully assisted several villages to develop complementary tourism businesses, including trekking, sea kayaking, marine tours and handcrafts. It is now a well-protected internationally acclaimed eco-tourism destination and tourism provides sustained livelihoods for 400 villagers.

On Fiji's main island, Vitu Levu, at Koroyanitu National Heritage Park ( Dave Bamford helped to develop a sustainable two-day guided mountain trek which includes overnight stays in local villages along the way. 

During this time, in New Zealand's Westland and Borneo, Malaysia, Dave was involved in two other major industry transformations to tourism which gave long-term protection to the areas and prevented potential native tree logging.

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