Public speaking, presentations and publications

Public speaking, presentations and publications

Regular participation in conferences, workshops and meetings as a presenter or facilitator, often with a focus on international best-practice or lessons from the New Zealand tourism sector.  Recent examples include: Timber Trail Cycle Tourism Summit 2017; Sustainable Trails Conference, Thredbo, Australia 2017; Sustainable Summits Conference, Aoraki/Mount Cook 2016; the Rwandan tourism workshop 2015; SW Tasmanian ‘Blue Skies’ Workshop 2013; The Maria Island (Tasmania) Tourism Workshop 2013; the ASEAN Ecotourism Conference, Philippines 2013; the World Ecotourism Conference in Malaysia in 2009; Tourism conferences in Chile (2), 2009; NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Free Trade Conference, 2009; Parramatta Tourism Workshop, 2009; the NZ Ecotourism Conference, 2007; The Pacific World Heritage Workshops, Turangi, 2007; and the 4th Volcanoes, Lakes and Rivers tourism workshop, Chile, 2007. 

Co-author of Selling the Dream with Peter Alsop and Gary Stewart (2012), a glossy 400-page book on the tourism posters and other publicity of New Zealand (  With nearly 1,000 images and a dozen essays this book celebrates New Zealand’s tourism past  and was shortlisted for the Illustrated New Zealand section of the New Zealand Post Book Awards in 2013. 

Dave has written various mountaineering articles and historic reviews including a paper on managing grief for mountaineers and protected area land managers and has assisted in the preparation of briefs for several national park handbooks and outdoor publications.

He's been involved with the research, development and production of a proposed range of television programmes relating to the outdoors including the 2012 NZ National Parks TV Series for Television New Zealand.

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